actibelt taping shirt shoulder symmetry

mbrace is a private social network for scoliosis patients sharing their visualized data and knowledge with each other. Developed by the Munich based company Trium Analysis Online GmbH (trium.de) and Fischer Fuss Fit KG (fischer-fuss-fit.de), mbrace consits of two main inventions, the actibelt® (actibelt.com) and the Taping Shirt.

The actibelt® is a novel platform to capture and analyse human motion, using a high-tech 3D-accelerometer hidden in a belt buckle. Much like a miniaturised holter recorder measures long-term ECG, the actibelt measures high-resolution (100Hz in three axis) long-term accelerations close to the body's centre of mass.

The Taping Shirt is a physical and psychological method to support teenagers during their IAS-therapy, in order to suppliment their corset treatment, and at the same time increase their well-being. The shirt applies pulling forces to the torso, which helps correcting the posture proprioceptively.

Additionally, mbrace offers multiple scoliosis pre-diagnostic tools, which use computer vision for self-conducted tests, estimating the severity of the condition with the process of symmetry analysis. Listen to the podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

The project is supported by The Human Motion Institute SLC e.V. and it is funded by ZIM, Germany's largest innovation programme for small and medium-sized enterprises as part of Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.